Our Investment Discipline


The Power of Dividends

Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure?  It's to see my dividends coming in. John D. Rockefeller






Our strategy has three goals:

1.  Capital appreciation via market exposure while emphasizing reduced risk
2.  Generate current income
Develop growth in current income

Our approach to investing is simple.  We begin with the knowledge that to outpace inflation and maintain the purchasing power of today's dollar as well as to potentially build wealth over time, one must invest.  We then approach the market buying high-quality companies that have increased their dividends for more than ten years consecutively.  These are companies that, we believe, should have a sustainable revenue stream, are dominant in their markets, and have a strong competitive advantage.  Better yet, these companies allow us to participate in any long-term gains while enjoying the potential for a steady, increasing stream of dividend revenue. 


Changes in market conditions or a company's financial condition may impact the company's ability to continue to pay dividends.  Companies may also choose to discontinue dividend payments.
There is no guarantee these goals will be met.